Director of Nutrition, Doctor of Chiropractic, Nutritionist and

Founder of NOVO.

For over 30 years he has been delivering greater wellness to clients.  Like many other healthcare professionals, he is alarmed as more and more Americans are becoming overweight with depleting overall health  Overweight patients and obesity has grown at such a rate it is almost "normalized".


New York Chiropractic College-Doctor of Chiropractic

University of Bridgeport-Masters of Science/Nutrition

Fordham University-Bachelor of Science

Baylor University United States Army, Medical Technology

Post Graduate Education

HCG Diet Council Certification

First Line Therapy- Functional Medical/Nutrition Certified Center of Excellence

Ideal Protein- Physician Prescribed Medical Weight Loss Program

MUA- Postgraduate Facility, National University of Health Sciences. Certificate in Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Board Certified in Radiology,

Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology and Sacro Occipital Technique,

Past Instructor of Dr DeJarnette's Cranial Procedures,

Fellow of the American Academy of Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering for Chiropractic  

Professional Society Memberships:    
    Member of National Academy of MUA physicians - 2003

    New York Chiropractic Council, Center and Founding Member, 1990-Present

    International Chiropractic Association, Member 1985

Board Certified Fellow-American Academy of Clinical Spinal Bio-mechanical Engineering, 1990- Present    

New York State Chiropractic Association, Member 1985-1990

                                         A  a life-changing experience in his early 20s that help to create what NOVO is today,                                                        the wellness and weight-loss experts. 

In his own words "at age 22 I was on my way to medical school. I was quite a good athlete, running over 100 miles per week and really feeling on top of the world. By age 23 I developed tuberculosis. Shortly thereafter, I contracted liver disease. And within a few months, my immune system had tanked. I was feeling shocked, but even worse, some of the doctors I caring for me gave me only six months to live! I spent the next 4  years trying to save my life. I did everything possible and tried every crazy remedy that I could find hoping I would find the one. In case you wonder, I did make it. And I am here today to show.  I am full of energy and healthy.

How did I do it? A 94-year-old physician nutritionist set me on my path. He helped me to realize that taking care of the basic nutritional needs and keeping my metabolism functioning would create a fertile environment for the rest of my body to heal. He was so correct. And I saw so many of the results he had with patients who were overweight or obese.